We teach the AAPC Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC).

Imagine yourself as a Certified Outpatient Coder

Outpatient facilities are medical facilities that cater to patients that suffer from acute or chronic medical problems that do not require a lengthy hospital stay. Patients that visit outpatient facilities typically don’t need to stay overnight. Some common outpatient facilities include ambulatory surgical centers, physician offices and clinics, although hospitals also have outpatient wards as well. A hospital outpatient coder is a medical coder that assigns medical codes to medical procedures and services, which are then used for statistical and billing purposes. These medical coders typically work in outpatient wards in general and specialty hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms on the same day basis.

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Clock Hours: 80 (Note: 80 clock hours accounts only for time spent in the online course, and does not include time spent outside the course or study time. Study time will vary widely per individual.) Course Length: To be completed at student’s own pace within a 4-month period or less. Enrollment date begins at date of purchase. Monthly course extensions may be purchased.

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